"For Affairs to be remembered all you need is Love"

Most events whether its a wedding, birthday, graduation, etc. is a celebration of either yourself or someone you love. It’s meant to be a unique experience that marks a moment in time. An unforgettable day that tracks the journey of this special relationship. A celebration that births out of what we call here at Love Affairs the “Love Story”!


At Love Affairs Event Planning we don’t just plan events we create unforgettable memories. Our mission is to take our clients ideas and combine them with inner vision, innovative designs, and intimate detail to create an atmosphere and event they will love. Our goal is not to just do business but to build relationships that will enable us to tailor an event experience that uniquely fits our clients own personal style, vision, and personality.


Being a client of Love Affairs is the start of what we hope to be a life-long relationship. For us it’s not about just planning an event its about casting an unforgettable moment in your book of life. About creating an experience that can not be re-created or duplicated because it is tailored solely for you. From your marriage, to your first child, or birthday celebration there will be many of these life moments. With Love Affairs at your side celebrating these milestones will be days you’ll never forget.


Special events in your life are just that, SPECIAL. Unique experiences created solely for you and the ones you love. Knowing that we understand that there is no cookie-cutter template for event planning. And the uniqueness of the day means there are no do-overs.  Our passion for planning pushes us to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that every moment and detail is carefully planned. No stone is left unturned.  At Love Affairs you can entrust your special moments in our hands.


Recognizing that the success or failure of any event is in the details we make attention to detail one of our highest priorities. From conception to execution we work closely with our clients in order to develop a clear and concise picture of what they have dreamed their day to be like. And then we take we we’ve learned and craft a visual expression that goes beyond their expectation.

Let Us Make Your Fairytale Come True